Out of respect for you, the planet and for the future

The project was born in 2005 when the owner of the company dedicated to shoes for more than two decades, Pascual Román, decided to evolve in search of a product that really connects with the needs of women.

This struggle to find a proposal that balances quality, comfort and design ends up defining its own style of working and conceiving footwear, which perfectly reflects the original concern to develop its own proposal and
differentiated, passing from the birth of Liberitae to defining its personality.

From the beginning we detected the need to control all our processes and finishes in an integral way and we bet on products manufactured in our immediate environment, carefully choosing suppliers and controlling materials and accessories. Always completely identified with our


The value of the authentic.
Denomination of origin and excellent materials.

Choosing sustainable materials, to leave as little footprint as possible, we only use natural skins certified by the Leather Working Group that evaluates good environmental practices.

We offer you a total guarantee, so that you never have to stay with a product that does not meet your expectations after trying it.

And we also collaborate with EcoCart To neutralize our carbon footprint, EcoCart takes care of calculating the emissions created and donating the same amount to reduce emissions to zero to projects.

We use only paper for the packaging of our shoes. Instead of plastic, we use recyclable material.