We are the specialist footwear fashion brand focused on creating the products women want. Our maxim is to achieve a balance between comfort, design and quality, without ever losing sight of our vital reference: the independence of women to always choose their own style.

Developing your own personality through fashion is a right that everyone has and contributing to achieve it moves and inspires us. When we feel that you have achieved it, we understand that we are doing things well.


The project was born in 2005 when the owner of the company dedicated to shoes for more than two decades, Pascual Román, decided to evolve in search of a product that really connects with the needs of women.

This struggle to find a proposal that balances quality, comfort and design ends up defining their own style of working and designing footwear, which perfectly reflects the original concern to develop their own and differentiated proposal, going from the birth of Liberitae to defining their personality.

From the beginning we detected the need to control all our processes and finishes in a comprehensive way and we bet on products manufactured in our immediate environment, carefully choosing suppliers and controlling materials and accessories. Always completely identified with our philosophy.

we take care of the details

We know that the difference between style and fashion is in quality.


We value the experience of the best footwear professionals.


We believe in the national product and the importance of local manufacturing.

Behind the scene

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