Only Nature.

We are concerned about the environment. We know that the more durable the shoes are, the more sustainable they are; hence, we use natural or sustainable materials on their conception and manufacturing. We avoid plastics: they do not last long and pollute the planet. 

Only Local.

"How to be even more eco-friendly?" we wondered. And the answer was by wearing km0 - manufactured shoes to reduce CO2 footprint in their transportation.

SAVE THE PLANET is one of our mottos.

Only Enjoy.

Our BIO sandals are made by thinking of your maximum comfort, so you can enjoy them at every step!

Eva M.

Very comfortable, affordable, aesthetic and ethical: I am delighted!

Florence L.

Great quality, very comfortable!

Perrine T.

I love the softness of the shoes, the quality of the materials, absolute comfort :-)


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