Girasol brown leather wedge sandal with multicolored braid

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100% local production. All our products are manufactured in Elche, the nerve center of footwear production in Spain: See location

We use leather certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG) to produce our shoes. LWG advocates the sustainable use of dyes and water in its production, resulting in a lower environmental impact. See LGW initiative

We neutralize the carbon footprint of all our shipments by collaborating with environmental projects around the World through the Ecocart initiative: See projects


Our shoes are made by hand and with all the affection that only craftsmanship transmits. Our footwear stands out the crowd by the high quality of its materials and finishes and the comfort while walking.

We care a lot about something that in Elche is called "Good fit" which we understand as making sure that the shoe fits perfectly to your foot and allows you to wear it for hours confortably.

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Leather Working Group

Memory Foam

Discover the comfort of our anatomical foam insoles covered in natural leather.

Planet conservation, our commitment

We take care of the Planet

We collaborate with EcoCart to neutralize the carbon footprint of our shipments of our comfort footwear, and we select leather certified by Leather Working Group in its manufacture.

We do our bit by ordering the manufacture of our models with Memory Foam from manufacturers in Elche.

Comfort first

Materials designed for your best steps

The quality of the materials is the basis of our comfort footwear.

Memory Foam, the basis of our comfort insoles, is applied in wedge sandals, flats, and also in some winter models so that your feet are comfortable all year round.

Aromas ilicitanos

Elche, at your feet

From the design to the packaging, through the cutting of its pieces, the handcrafted trimming and its assembly, our models with Memory Foam are manufactured in Elche, Alicante, by the hands heirs of an ancient profession, and passionate about a job well done and the quality of its result.

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Montserrat P.
Una sugerencia para el diseñador

El zapato es muy bonito y cómodo en la planta, como todos los Liberitae, sin embargo la hebilla podría ir cosida en lugar de los remaches, molestan un poco si rozan la piel del interior del talón, pero espero que solo sea las primeras veces. Aún así son preciosos

Buenos días.
Agradecemos mucho sus indicaciones y al respecto vamos a trasladar el tema a quién corresponda, con el objeto de mejorar en lo posible nuestros articulos.
Muchas gracias