Bio Poline sandal in pink leather


A nap in a rope hammock, and its gentle rocking. Let yourself be cradled by the present moment. To one side, to the other ... And, now that you are in the hammock, imagine that you are walking near the sea, feeling the breeze, and the rays of the sun helping you tan.

And you walk lightly, with a smooth and sure step, as if you were walking with a cork wedge sandal. With BIO insole and rubber sole. And adjusted to the ankle with its square buckle in old silver tones. What comfort.

From your hammock, you imagine the brightness of the sea, competing with the sweet brightness of the colors of your sandal. How lucky to have found the one that best matches your favorite dress, and that there were sizes available!

Open your eyes: you just imagined what you are wearing Polineby OE. From 100% Spanish manufacturing.

Size guide
Shoe size :
Hurry up! only 2 left
  • Material empeine: Leather
  • Material forro: No lining
  • Material plantilla: Leather
  • Material suela: Rubber
  • Modelo: 12017523
  • Temporada: Primavera / Verano

Only enjoy!

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