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Spring/Summer 2022

A new collection is in bloom.

Spring is just a few days away, and let's hope it comes with a vengeance. It's getting closer and closer for us to put aside our coats and start taking out light jackets and lighter clothing. Soon, we'll feel the breeze on our skin and the sun's rays caressing us. And our novelties will blossom before your eyes.

Our new spring-summer collection comes loaded with warmth in its materials, colors and textures. We are Mediterranean, and certainly romantic, that's why we put every ounce of our passion in our models. We tell you more.

Wedges, heeled sandals, flat sandals and sandals are our bases, because we know that they are key in the most romantic and boho looks. They are timeless models and perfect both for everyday wear and for special occasions, such as family events, where you want to add a bohemian touch to your outfit.

To our traditional natural leather we add, of course, our passion for raffia, a material very present in different models of our wedge and heel sandals.

The jute-lined wedge models are also back in the spotlight; true to style, Valencian sandals are presented with ribbons and bracelet closures, so that it's easier to choose. And, as a novelty, we incorporate the toasted jute, a material that gives a lot of personality to the sandal.

Of course, the material on which your foot rests is memory foam: cushioned, comfortable, soft. Pure foam.

In our new collection, earth and mustard colors predominate, evoking the light of our coastline, as well as pale pink, which we have made one of our basics.

But the protagonist of the summer is the sea, that's why we have included ocean blue, trend color of this spring-summer season, in our new collection. Refreshing to the eye, relaxing and, to a certain extent, mysterious. As only the sea can be.

Let's not forget Hanks.

With Hanks we have played at reducing ourselves to the essentials, creating a minimalist and urban collection. Our models, light, follow this year's trends: wood-effect wedges, raw colors, and a careful selection of models for men are the lines that perfectly summarize this new collection.

Both for our spring-summer collection of Hanks and the Liberitae collection we wanted to continue growing and learning. And we learn from you. This is what you have told us:

You want quality materials in whose achievement water and tines have been used in a conscious way. Thanks to you, we have started working with Leather Working Group certified leathers.

You prefer to leave your mark with your attitude and deeds; we neutralize ours by collaborating with the EcoCart initiative.

You care about animal welfare. That's why some of our models are 100% vegan.

We maintain our commitment to quality and to the artisanal footwear industry; that's why our models are designed and manufactured in Elche, Spain. And we love it.